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     A-Port opened in March 2009 as a full service shorebase facility primarily to support the production, construction and work-over operations of Apache Corporation in its West Delta and Grande Isle operations. This support continues to date. A-port’s initial facility was approximately 2.5 acres with 300’ of waterfront. Through strategic acquisitions, A-Port has now grown to 11 acres and 1155 linear feet of water front.


     Shortly after Macondo, A-Port became the Command Center for BP’s Grand Isle operations associated with the spill. After clean-up activities associate with Macondo ceased, A-Port became the single source shorebase facility for the production, construction, drilling and work-over operations of EPL from West Delta to South Timbalier as well as a “go to” shorebase facility to many other operators in the area. At one point, the facility was actively servicing as many as 5 drilling rigs, 3 P & A’s, 2 snubbing jobs, 12 AFE/construction operations and 140 production platform facilities. This facility regularly had as many as 20 to 25 support vessels for various customers serviced by its facility in each 24 hour period.


     A-Port’s success results from its reliable team of trained support staff and the strategic planning, dock design and optimal utilization of land area and water frontage of its facility.

     A-Port LLC in Grand Isle Louisiana is a full service shorebase facility operating under full 24 hour security & video surveillance as per US Coast Guard Regulations. Our facility encompasses 11 acres with 1,155 linear feet of water frontage.

We Provide:

  • 110 Ton Crane

  • 65 Ton Cherry Picker

  • 8500 LB Forklift

  • 22,000 Pound Forklift

  • 15,000 Pound Forklift

  • Diesel Fuel

  • 5,500 Barrel Liquid Mud Plant

  • 8,000 Cubic Feet of bulk capacity

  • Parking for 150 vehicles

  • Office and Bunk Space

  • 15,000 square foot warehouse

  • 24 hour dispatchers

  • 11 total acres

  • 1155' of water frontage

  • Lube Oils

  • 550 Gallon Stainless Steel Tote Tanks

     At the present we are servicing a variety of vessels for production & drilling needs ranging from 240’ in length to 110’ in length. We have serviced our customer’s fuel needs since opening and have recently added lube oils along with 550 gallon tote tanks for our available lube oil products and diesel fuel. These newest products as well as fuel and water are also available across the Louisiana gulf coast.


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